Stunning HO Brass Canadian Pacific steam locomotive and passenger collection.  Over 100 pieces!!!  Now being displayed in the shop.  Many John Morris painted/upgraded.  Selkirks and Royal Hudsons galore !!! Most wheel arrangements !!!  How about a complete CPR Trans Canada passenger set ?  We have it.  COME ON DOWN !!!


Stand by for our ON-LINE store !!!  This will be welcome news to our clientele, especially outside of Calgary.

You will be able to shop ON-LINE for standard items – track, scenery, accessories, locos, rolling stock as well as memorabilia and unique pieces from our pre-owned inventory !!!  We will be constantly loading inventory so bear with us !!!

Visit tsmodeltrainstore.ca for a peek !!!



If you’ve been to the store recently, you’ll have noticed the changes taking place –
fixtures, merchandising, paint, products, staff !!! 
If you haven’t been to the store recently, it follows you’ll not have noticed the changes taking place.
In any event, we have kicked off the train season with a spectacular new look to Trains & Such !!! 
Come on down and check it out !!! 
You will be amazed !!!  
You will be in awe !!! 
You will be agog !!! 
You may even be transfixed !!!
We will regularly be adding new and used products as well as new product lines moving forward !!! 
Drop by regularly !!!
The photo is of “Molly”, newly promoted to Vice-President of Cuteness.
We hope to see all of you soon  !!!


Trains to be recycled?  We are actively purchasing model trains and railway memorabilia from one item to entire collections or estates anywhere.  Old toys, models, military items ?  We will buy them too !!!  Call Don at 403-585-2772 or email us at modeltrains@shaw.ca

ebay store

Listings are weekly with quality products in all scales.  Many out-of-production, rare and interesting railroad items.


Happy bidding !!!


Looking for train sets?

We have them in all scales with diesel or steam locomotives.

Complete sets with transformer, engine, cars and track –

everything needed to get your empire underway.

See the newest digital sets with sound equipped locomotives !!

Special Orders

Can’t find what you’re looking for in the store.  We would be happy to order it for you.  Shipments are received from our distributors several times a week.  Your item would simply be added to the next incoming order.  No extra shipping charges, duty or border hassles.  We just require a credit card number but your item is not charged until actually in the shop.  We stock all new Canadian locomotives and rolling stock.  Try it !!!


Monday to Friday   10 am – 5 pm

Saturday:   10 am – 5 pm

Sunday:          11 am – 4 pm

Holidays:         Closed

Layout Design, Building, Wiring and Scenery

Want to get started model railroading but don’t know how to plan your track or don’t want to build benchwork or hate wiring or unsure how to do scenery.  WE CAN HELP !!!  We can PLAN layouts, BUILD benchwork, WIRE for DCC or DC,  SCENERIZE your layout !!!   We can do it all for you or any component helping you play trains faster !!!   CALL US !!!!


Questions about Command Stations, Decoders or Sound ???

Need quality decoder installations done ???

How about operating your layout from an iPhone ???

Our DCC Specialist is available at the store Mondays 10-5 pm and Saturdays 9:30-5 pm.   Ask for Bill.

Unlike other stores, we provide after purchase support on DCC products purchased from us.  If purchased elsewhere we are pleased to assist for a fee.