Bill (DCC) is back!

After taking the summer off, Bill is back on Sundays from 11-4.

Bill is our resident DCC  expert.  He has extensive knowledge of Digital Command Control.  He also has degrees in electronics including digital and microprocessors.  He is a retired CP Mechanical Specialist (nicknamed the “Diesel Doctor”).  Bill has 37 years in railroading.

He looks after all the decoder installations and is Soundtraxx ,ESU,TCS and Digitrax qualified.  He can advise you on how to get started in the DCC world based on your needs.

Another of his specialties is creating animated vehicle and buildings using microprocessors.

Come in and talk to him for your custom project.


Questions about Command Stations, Decoders or Sound?

Need quality decoder installations (INCLUDING MARKLIN and other EUROPEAN) done?   How about operating your layout from an iPhone or interfacing with your computer?

Unlike other stores, we provide advice on DCC products purchased from us.  If purchased elsewhere we are pleased to assist for a fee.

There is a $25.00 non-refundable fee for inspection and evaluation of DCC equipment repair and installations.  This amount will be applied towards any cost of installation or repair.


Contact Bill today