She’s our greeter and loves meeting people (when she’s not snoozing). Come on by and say hello to her !!

Don Chehowy

- “N” Scale guru (in his own mind)
- Sales and collections & estates
- available most days
- shown here assembling a Laser Cut wooden kit using white glue.

Ross Grindal

General Manager, Sales, Special Orders, Question Answerer, New Products,Used Products, Merchandising, Marketing, Problem-Solver, In-store layout development,AND TIMBIT EVALUATOR.
- Monday to Sunday 24/7

Marg Audley

- Sales and paperwork. Definitely the class of the store.
- See here with her favourite mode of transportation TO and IN the store.Please stay to one side if you here a rumbling noise.

Bill Hubbard

The DCC Guy

- All Scale, All Manufacturer DCC Installations, modifications, repairs and advice
- Shown here as Engineer on the 1939 Royal Train (according to his memory)

Dave Turcotte

- Part-time professional floor walker salesperson

Rod Malone

- “O”, “027” and Marx/American Flyer Specialist
- Mechanical Engineer by trade
- MTH and Lionel Authorized Repair Guy
- Can fix pretty much any electrical/mechanical toy
- seen here enjoying his morning “coffee” before driving to work

Jessee Millington

- Like Santa Claus, you never see him only the results and so it is with Jesse as he processes all the Collections that arrive.
- Seen here in a photo grab from our Surveillance camera in the back. What he does in the back stays in the back……………and on camera.

Leigh Olmstead

- Part-time professional floor walker salesperson
- Most of us had dogs, cats or birds as pets. Not Leigh.
Seen here feeding his pet ……….. creature?

Kaitlin Reckord
A past incarnation of Kaitlin can be seen in the great Alphonse Mucha's 1900 colour lithograph titled Amethyst, part of the Precious Stones Series. Other artworks of Mucha's, and many other great artists, are also said to be inspired by her obvious power and impressive presence.